Deep Cleaning

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Gleamers’ Deep Cleaning Service is the most comprehensive package we offer for our Domestic Cleaning service. We command professional expertise and ensure service excellence by providing cleaning services of a superior standard. 

We offer hassle-free and flexible cleaning packages to cater to each client’s specific needs. We can set an appointment to suit your time and also tailor a package to meet every budget, without compromising on the quality of service we deliver. 

As this package is at a higher cost than our regular domestic cleaning service, we will ensure that we provide highly trained professional cleaners to maintain superior quality workmanship. 

The deep cleaning package cover all areas your home. This includes moving of furniture to get to those difficult areas, as well as cleaning behind cupboards, underneath beds and cabinets. Cleaning of the kitchen will also include cleaning behind the fridge and washing machines among others. 

However often you chose to have your home deep cleaned this service is guaranteed to keep your home in superior condition. We highly recommend this service before festive periods and before having any major events at your home. This is also an ideal service for home with pets. 

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